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Welcome to the web page for Table Flip Games.  I’ll concede that this is a rather different venture from that which I am used to.  Speaking from my own experience, I have seldom toyed with the notion of releasing games based upon my work.  Rather I was interested in working on my research ideas, most notably AI and how it is applied within games and paid little attention to the need for said games to be a fun or engaging experience for players.  However, over time I have realised that really these two things are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes the best way to find out whether an idea I have would actually be practical for the purposes of game development, means actually making a game that uses that idea.

For me anyway, this means a number of things:

1.) We Can Ask People To Try Out Our Games

So many ideas we have when working on R&D projects that utilise games are remarkably subjective.  We rely on human input, yet we seldom get large numbers of people who play games to try them out.  As a result, it is often a rather skewed interpretation.  Though sometimes that same sample can be skewed in the other direction: where you only have ‘hardcore’ gamers try out an idea and not get to speak to other people for their opinion.  Rather than try and base our observations off of small, skewed datasets, let’s get these games out there in the world to let people try out.  We can base our observations from there.

2.) We Can Learn If People Like It

If people like it, well first of all that’s kind of awesome!  So, with that in mind let’s understand why that is – if there is any understanding to be had at all.  Then let’s see if the ideas that fuelled the game can help enhance that.

3.) Also, You Can Learn That People Don’t Like It

There is something to be learned from having people not like something too.  Don’t get me wrong we are open largely to subjectivity and the internet can be an unforgiving place at times.  However, if feedback receives helps us understand why an idea is not liked, we can take that away and either redevelop the idea or shelve it.

4.) You Learn About New Ideas From Players

Sometimes it’s staring you in the face and you miss it.  It help when someone else points it out to you!

For me the most important thing is experimentation, to have the ability to try something and see if it works.  This is not a commerical enterprise per-se: turning a profit and a livelihood is not the focus of Table Flip for me.  It’s about having an outlet where we can say ‘I tried that’, and either celebrate its success or laugh at it’s failure in the months to come!

We are still very much in our early stages, with a handful of projects under-way.  It’s rather exciting and I look forward to what we have in store in the coming months.  While we have no games to play right now, keep an eye out as we release updates on our work.  In time our early builds will be released online for people to play and we look forward to sharing these with you.


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