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Matt Syrett: Polygon Pusher

Why be an Indie Dev. 

The last four weeks has been a roller-coaster getting the art assets ready for a demo at Sheffield Hallam University, and if you have been following the twitter feed you would have seen some of the process which has been made in the last four weeks especially with the bloom.  The shot below was taken after you let Tommy loose on the bloom control.

Bloom For Everyone.

Well, this is what happens when you get Unity Pro and pay that extra money for bloom, before I digress into a moaning fest of why Unity is overpriced and lacks certain features that should be standard, let’s just say turning on the bloom has really changed the games lighting.  I am not saying that it is perfect, but as you can see from the two shots below, the bloom does adds a new depth to the scene.

Sure Footing Ingame

Sure Footing Ingame

Quixel Suite: Best £70 I Have Ever Spent.

For the most part, I tried to use a hi-poly technique for creating the detail on the platforms, but when the new Quixel suite came out I thought I would give that a try. It’s an awesome plugin for Photoshop that really gives a lot of creativity when creating normal maps for the models.  In addition, it cuts the workflow time in half because it allows you to create all the detail in Photoshop using the marque tool.  For part of my presentation at Sheffield Hallam, I created the following images to act as a quick tutorial on how Quixel Suite was adopted.

Ndo Workflow

Ndo Workflow 2

Ndo Workflow 3

We Have a Test Build (Sort Of…)

We have a test build of the art assets and some of the basic functionally working: mainly environment and UI. But now we have got this we are busy prototyping new ways we can use the platform systems in the PCG as well as implementing a new dynamic camera system.  In addition, Tommy seeks keen to explode random parts of the environment.  So look out for the first set of videos from the gameplay team blowing the crap out of the environment in the future. Keep up to date with what is happening around the Table Flip Games office by following our twitter feed @Tableflipgames.


Neallios Joins The Team……

We have had a new programmer called Neall (another one of Tommy minions) has  joined the team to help with gameplay and building Pixel Pete mecanim tree inside of Unity. he has already hit the ground running and fixed some of the major issues we where having with Pixel Pete sliding and moment in engine.




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