What the release of Unity 5 means for Sure Footing

James Tatum: Pizza inhaling code monkey.

As I’m sure most of you are aware by now, Unity 5 has officially been released. With such a huge advancement in the technology now at your fingertips, it was prudent for us to re-assess our needs, and what the new version of the engine now does for us.

Guess what?


That was my selfish note. I apologise. A little.

Anyway! The new shader tools are fantastic, and mean our artist Matt can now go away and re-make all his beautiful shaders using Unity. We also noticed a significant FPS boost when we upgraded, so that’s always nice too. For the most part though, there isn’t much of a change. The game is still going to be as we envisioned. Most of the advances from the engine are art-side, meaning some of our shaders that Matt is working on are already looking quite cool!


See!? Look at that beauty! I’ll make Matt do an update with lots of pretty pictures when he’s finished. Promise.

For now, that’s it from us. A quick ‘Hey, Unity 5 is awesome and didn’t break anything’ and a ‘look at this pretty picture’ to distract you from the lack of actual content. I know, we’re evil¬†geniuses. For some super awesome news, check back next week. See, evil geniuses.

Update Art Stuff:


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