Wait, it’s August? Where did the last 5 months go!?

560120_10151768108641569_1997848761_nJames Tatum: Pizza inhaling code monkey.


As you may or, more likely may not have noticed, we here at Table Flip have been a little quiet of late. We’re sorry. By way of an apology, here is a super update with everything we’ve been doing since we showcased Sure Footing at Norwich.

The last time you wonderful readers heard from us, we were working hard on a new build for the Norwich Gaming Festival. Half the team (myself, Neall and Rob) were in the midst of not only our final year projects, but also a module called Game Development, in which a team of 10 – 12 make a vertical slice of a game. As you can imagine, we were stressed and working hard, but we found the time to push out a new build with some cool new features. The new features included a UI overhaul, a high score/leaderboard system and a grab mechanic, which allowed for some much-needed redemption should you smash Pete’s face into the side of a platform. Norwich proved to be an excellent experience for us. Not only did we get some fantastic feedback, we also discovered just how unstable our code base was.

This led us to the decisions we made at the beginning of summer. The aforementioned students were finished their studies and Tommy had finished all his teaching (although he still had some clerical stuff to finish). With the new-found free time, we were pumped to work on the game and, given the revelations of Norwich, we had a good jumping off point. It’s at this juncture that I stepped into my new role: Lead Programmer. The decision was made for a variety of reasons, including Tommy’s busy schedule and the skills I developed during Game Development. During the module, I was the Project Manager for my team, and the game we made: Courage (shameless plug, not even sorry). I still code as much as I did before, but now I also organise and delegate tasks amongst the team. So yeah, that’s cool.

The first few weeks of the summer were spent refactoring and rebuilding our code base. It took some time, but was well worth it; we now have a solid foundation to build on, rather than the cobbled together mess it was before. During the process, we completely re-developed the UI, Interactables and Power-Ups. With this change, we can now quickly add new powers and interactable objects. This led to some of the cool new stuff we have in the game, such as the MIP Crates and the Hazard Crates, as well as new powers such as ‘Slam Down’ and ‘Air Walk’.

That brings us up to now. We’ve been really busy the last 2 weeks cleaning up the game and, as you may have noticed, revamping the website! The reason for all of this is we were pushing for a major (to us) milestone: our first teaser trailer! You can watch it below.

Oh, what was that? There’s another character? I don’t know what you’re talking about…


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