Cutscenes, Skins and Pollygons, oh my!

560120_10151768108641569_1997848761_nJames Tatum: Pizza inhaling code monkey
 Molly Freeman: The real Artist.

The Programmers Bit

We know, we suck. We said we would post more. We were filled with the promise of commitments it seems we have failed to keep. We’re so very sorry. However, to make it up to you, we have a mega-update and shameless plug (as always).

Our last update was all about the re-factoring of the code base, followed by the inevitable new features that come from the creative juices being deprived an outlet. What’s this update about? Well, everything we’ve done since! And boy have we done a lot.

Let’s get started with team members. Since our last update, we’ve had one departure and one new starter. Rob, one of my fellow code monkeys is sadly no longer with us. We wish him the best in his future endeavours, whatever they may be. On to happier things! Molly Freeman is our newest addition to the table flip team. An ex-Derby student of the CGMA course, Molly is our newest artist, who has been working on character skins and props over the last few months. You may notice she is a co-author of this particular post, and that’s because she’ll be talking about her work in a little bit.

Before we get onto skins and props, let’s talk about characters, skins and cutscenes. If you’re following our twitter (if you’re not, get on that) you may have seen the following gif…

Well, that is a sample of the opening cutscene to the game, diligently developed by Neall. There are multiple pixelites walking around, doing some shopping, generally going about their day. Pretty cool, huh? You may notice some of the pixels are female. Introducing…


POLLY POLYGON! You may have noticed her during the teaser trailer, and I eluded to her presence at the end of our last post. Polly is a fully playable character in the game, with her own collection of skins to select from. That’s not all though, she actually plays differently to Pete, each having their own benefits and limitations in play style.

The Artists Bit

So..Hi. Im Molly, also known as ‘the skinner’ (not to be taken literally). I’ve been in the team since the start of August which is cool. But basically all I’ve been doing is giving Pete and Polly a pimpin’ wardrobe!


Here is just a sample of some of the skins I’ve been doing for the team. Skins are essentially just different character textures to make them look more interesting and give them different styles. It’s fun creating different sets for the team and there’s always plenty of ideas to go around. Such as the Space series, the Vikings, Geeks etc (You’re going to have to play it to see them all ;)). It’s loads of fun making these little pixels look super awesome and colourful and I can’t wait for you guys to be able to see them all!

As well as making skins, I’ve also been making a few props for the characters. Such as a shield for Roman Pete and an Axe for Viking Pete! There are some others that are going to come out but once again, you’re going to have to play!

Another section I’ve been helping with, to help with Matt’s work load, are the backdrops. These sit in the background and are part of setting the scene, making this little world of Pixels seem even more believable!  In a whole it doesn’t seem like a lot from just talking about it, but they all add up to help make the game look awesome.

James is back in control of the keyboard.

Hey! So, that covers a large chunk of what we’ve been up to. What we haven’t talked about is the change of generator for the PCG system, how the cutscene was developed or the TextToSprite system. They’ll be coming in a separate post, which we’ll be putting up after…

That’s right, we’re showcasing at the GameCity Festival again this year. If you’re near Nottingham or are going to the Festival, be sure to drop in and say hi. We’d be delighted to ramble about development, and apologise in person for not blogging as much as we should. We’ll be situated in the National Videogame Arcade on 23rd-25th, 30th and 31st. We’re also going to be running a competition, so if you want to try and win a super secret prize, then come along and try to set the best score on Sure Footing!