NGF 2016 – Post-Mortem and Thanks

Tommy: Supreme Science Overlord It’s been over a week since we returned both tired and elated from our time at the 2016 Norwich Gaming Festival!  It was pretty exciting for us to go back to NGF given that last year it was where we demo’d the first actually playable prototype of Sure Footing.  To say it still had[…]

Sure Footing @ AIIDE 2015

Tommy: Supreme Science Overlord We’ve had a busy little period for Sure Footing: first demonstrating at the GameCity festival, followed by an invited talk at PROCJAM about all that PCG stuff we’ve been doing, but this was a little different.  Last week, Sure Footing was showcased at the Playable Experiences track of the AAAI conference on Artificial Intelligence[…]

Polly Polygon and Gender Parity

Tommy: Supreme Science Overlord Here Comes A New Challenger! While there are many topics I could be talking about when it comes to Sure Footing – perhaps most notably the procedural generation systems that influence level design – I wanted to talk about something a little different.  This week both on social media and indeed a blog post by pizza[…]

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the web page for Table Flip Games.  I’ll concede that this is a rather different venture from that which I am used to.  Speaking from my own experience, I have seldom toyed with the notion of releasing games based upon my work.  Rather I was interested in working on my research ideas, most notably AI and[…]