It’s Art Time!

Matt Syrett: Polygon Pusher Oh no time for Unity….. As you can tell from the title I may have a grudge with the Unity game engine.  On a good day, I will moan about Unity a couple of times: much to the annoyance of our programmers.  The main reason for this is that my background in shader[…]

Concept Phase: A.K.A Hitting My Head On A Desk To See If An Idea Pops Out.

Matt Syrett: Polygon Pusher. This is my first blog post relating to a game I have been working on with partner-in-crime Tommy Thompson, Rob Watling and James Tatum called Sure Footing. Before I begin talking about my progress, we’ll start with a short story that tells how I became part of all this mess.  Following that, we have[…]